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Stock Room
(See Instructions below)

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The stock room is a mess! Items are scattered all over the place! As the stockboy, your job is to organize it.

The items to be organized are barrels of spirits:

They all need to be moved to the red spaces:

They cannot be moved through walls:


Barrels can only be pushed into vacant spaces. To push a barrel, move the player behind the barrel and push! You cannot push two or more barrels at once. Be careful not to push a barrel into a corner: they cannot be pulled out!

Once you've stored the last remaining barrel the level is complete and you will be taken to the next level automatically. There are levels total.



Use the indicated letters or the keys on the NumPad to control the player:

  Letter NumPad
Left: j 4
Right: l 6
Up: i 8
Down: k 5 or 2

You can also undo the last move and/or push by pressing 'u' and restart the level by pressing 'r'.

(Note: You may have to enable NumLock or click on the page to give it the keyboard focus.)


You may also move the player using the mouse. Click in any row or column that the player is in and the player will move as far as he can in the direction of the click. If a barrel is in the player's path it will be pushed (if possible). The player will not automatically walk around corners or walk in diagonals. Note that each position moved is recorded separately in the undo history.


This game requires JavaScript.

Have fun!

Copyright © 2007 Ray Lambert